Why Macs Rock

Beautiful software. Seriously. Software made for the OS X tends to be good looking in general, but some stuff is just gorgeous.

AdiumX – Free multi-network instant messaging application.

NetNewsWire – RSS reader.

Acquisition – Mac p2p client.

Inquisitor – Instant search extension for Safari.

Path Finder 4 – An innovative file browser and manager.

Cyberduck – FTP for Mac OS X.


8 Replies to “Why Macs Rock”

  1. When developers conform to the HIG (Human Interface Guidelines), that’s when you get a program “that just works”. Apple has the corner on that. It’s too bad they treat the development community so poorly by stealing the best ideas and absorbing them into the OS. They’re good, and maybe the best, at what they do, but they are a business looking out for themself.

  2. I agree, the software looks beautiful and the GUI behaves just as expected (at least most of the time).. on the other hand Apple themselve consequently disregards their own GUI guidelines.

  3. Software that’s developed for Mac OS X tends to be fun and intuitive. While the operating system and Apple’s HIG have a lot to do with it, I can’t help but think that people who use Macs and develop software just think and work differently. They expect it to be easy and fun so they work hard to make all products that way.

    Have you ever seen program that was ported over from another operating system without really making it a Mac application? It’s immediately obvious to the Mac user. Once you have some Mac user/programmers take that concept and really ‘macify’ it, then it really looks and acts like a program for Mac users.

  4. Yeah. I just got my black macbook today and man, I am so impressed and pleased by it. This is my first mac and I believe I just officially switched. Apple is the gourmet of PC’s… that’s all there is to it. That’s their excuse for being expensive. You don’t get all of that awesomeness with Dell.

  5. Apple-Macintosh is the cadillac of all computers. The protection the computer’s operating system provides is excellent. Macs are by far superior to any computer running off of a windows operating system. Macintosh provides an extremely large, (yet finite), continual speed of improvement in resolution, ability, speed, and creation of user-friendly help, work, and play.

    Go team Mac!!!!
    -Marcus Aurelius

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