2.0 Ventures – Web 2.0 Forums

When starting a forum dedicated to Web 2.0, it only makes sense to use a forum package that exemplifies the ideas put forth by Web 2.0. So, none other than Vanilla by Lussumo seemed acceptable. Most likely we will be working heavily on this forum extending its usability for the coming weeks, so if something seems a little out of place, please bear with us. In the meantime, let’s get this party started. We hope that 2.0 Ventures will provide an environment that fosters creativity and new ideas.

Go there now!
2.0 Ventures – Web 2.0 Forums


16 Replies to “2.0 Ventures – Web 2.0 Forums”

  1. Nice forum you have there.

    Indeed Vanilla looks like the only “Web 2.0” forum package currently available, although I did not see it having anything like a tagging system as many Web 2.0 services have. It has a sleek interface and uses some kind of “active topics” page instead of the category index.

    It is only a matter of time until more Web 2.0 forums will pop up, for example (the new) SmartBB is being planned with tags support, and UseBB 2.0, which is currently being planned and will be developed in the coming months, will have a tagging possibility in addition to many other new features.

  2. The link to 2.0 Ventures doesn’t work right now.

    I’ve been leading the development of another web 2.0 inspired forum called Quomon (www.quomon.com).
    It’s tag based and it has a point system which motivates quicker answers and lets experts be recognized in their fields of knowledge. We’d be very happy to get input and feedback on the site.


  3. I’ve created a YouTube video in which I try to explain what Web 2.0 technologies really mean, and how you can incorporate them into your blog. Would love your feedback on it.

    Thanks Peter!

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    Looking forward to some good new friends here at peteroliver.wordpress.com


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