Pingoat and SplotSpot Sold

I had been wondering when someone was going to snatch up some of the really innovative web services for cheap. It appears to have happened with Pingoat and SplogSpot, both created by Kailash Nadh.

There are several sites that will “ping or notify a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them” around, but Pingoat was one of the earliest, so had quite a bit of traffic. But the real catch in the buyout is SplogSpot:

“SplogSpot is service that keeps track of spam blogs or Splogs. The splogspot spam database can be queried by anyone using the SplogSpot API. This will help blog related services and directories keep their sites clean.”

This is just about as web 2.0 as you can get. It cleans up the blogosphere, uses the latest technologies to do so, and lets the community utilize the service or participate in helping maintain the database.

Good luck to the buyer and congrats to Kailash. Hopefully we will see both these services pop up again soon.


16 Replies to “Pingoat and SplotSpot Sold”

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