Usable doesn’t have to mean useful

Edgeio launched today. The reason this is big news is that one of the founders is Michael Arrington, the guy behind TechCrunch. So of course, TechCrunch has a very in depth post up about what exactly Edgeio is, and I suggest you read it.

Edgeio is very usable. The design is excellent (on my browser and on my machine at least. Let me know if you guys have problems) and everything is explained clearly without being confusing. Right now they are focused on blog listings so some of the language is fairly technical right off the bat, but they say it will expand to include other types of product/job listings quickly. I’m not sure I buy it. I’m not sure I buy Edgeio at all. I’m not sure it is useful. I think they can do something very big, but I do have doubts. My number one concern is spam. They are going to get slammed. Suddenly every splog using affiliate programs or contextual advertising will include the word “listing” and flood Edgeio. They are going to need some really smart people working on that quickly.

Let’s see how they do.


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