My own site isn’t fully usable

Yes, yes, I admit it! But it isn’t by my own choice. This WordPress theme “Simpla 1.0” has no link to the feed for the blog. Thus, only those with browsers which auto-detect feeds (FireFox for example) can subscribe. That’s annoying, at best.

And unfortunately, Simpla is not one of the themes that the team has implemented Sidebar Widgets into, so I can’t ADD a link to the RSS feed directly. I could add it too my “Interests” section, but it would be lost in the clutter.

So I did the best thing I could and made a page for the feed, which you can see over there somewhere near the top. —————–>

I’ve used FeedBurner for other things so I figured this would be as good a time as any to start using it for this blog.

For those of you too lazy to click the the link I just mentioned, here you go:

So here is my FeedBurner managed feed, enjoy:

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